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Remnants of the first snowfall decorate this beautiful pine tree at the base of the reservoir. The Winter snow always makes for amazing views and photographs on the reservoir.

This photo of an island in the reservoir was taken very early in the morning. Fog coming off the water gave it a surreal feeling and it was visually stunning. Easily my favorite season.

Due to a very warm, dry Summer, what is usually a flowing waterfall dried up, and beautiful plant life took its place. Small Summer sampling...much more to come in 2014.

Just a little way down the road....PHOTOS FOR SPRING COMING IN 2014. I am really looking forward to watching life bloom here and sharing it with you.

I moved into the Diamond Hill, Reservoir Road area in Cumberland, Rhode Island in the Summer of 2013. I began walking the reservoir and its surrounding areas, and the beauty of it was so amazing, that I felt compelled to stop and take pictures to share with family and friends. My passion for the overwhelming beauty of this area is one I'd like to share with all of you as well through my eyes.  Read More

A Photo Book of the Diamond Hill & Arnold Mills Reservoirs

Seasonal Slideshows

As you travel down Reservoir Road in Cumberland, Rhode Island, you will come upon one of New England's most underrated gems. On the left, the Diamond Hill Reservoir, and to the right, Arnold Mills Reservoir. Providing breath-taking views year round, the reservoir is most vibrant in the fall season when the foliage provides a wide array of spectacular Read More

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